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Thank Yous

Thank you to all the people that contributed to the creation of work in the InnerSource SIG:

  • Daniel Izquierdo Cortazar @dicortazar
  • Isabel Drost-Fromm @MaineC
  • Jorge Nerea
  • Sebastian Spier @spier
  • Johannes Tigges @lenucksi
  • Nick Schonning @nschonni
  • Willem Jiang @WillemJiang
  • David Terol @dterol23
  • Danese Cooper @Danese
  • Clare Dillon @claredillon
  • Cristina Coffey @clcoffey
  • Robert Underwood @brooklynrob
  • Arthur Maltson @amaltson
  • Ludmila @Ludmila-N
  • James McLeod @mcleo-d
  • Daniela Zheleva @daniela-g-zheleva-db
  • Elspeth Minty
  • James McGovern