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Operational Risk

Operational Risk refers to the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, human errors, systems or external events.

Reputational Risk

Reputational risk refers to the potential harm to an organization's reputation and credibility as a result of its actions or decisions.


Ensuring Open Source Compliance For Contribution

Contributing to an open source project from within a regulated firm is likely to contravene one or more policies. Staff who contribute to open source as part of their jobs are likely to be in breach of their terms of employment or likely to get disciplined. For this reason, in order to enable open source contribution, new policy needs to be written which creates space within the compliance landscape.

License Compliance Management

There are several key points that a large enterprise should consider to ensure compliance with open-source license obligations:


Open Source Compliance Programs

This module covers a wide range of topics related to open source license compliance, including how to implement an effective compliance program. This content resides within the ‘Consume’ section of the open source framework. Understanding these concepts is critical for senior leaders and legal staff as they build programs and processes to consume open source strategically in their organization. Being able to effectively utilize these concepts gives leaders an understanding of the importance of compliance and helps them make effective program implementation decisions.