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Creating an Open Source Policy


Refer to Policy as the output from this activity.

  • should we split this into inbound and outbound? They might be two separate things. But I think you need to start the policy here.

When drafting open source policies, among the many topics that need to be discussed are:

  • How employees of your company can contribute to open source projects
  • How your company can open source internal projects
  • How your company accepts external contributions to their open source projects
  • How to prepare for open source releases
  • How approvals are received
  • How developers can use open source code they find on GitHub and other code repositories
  • Procedures and rules explaining how open source code can be brought into your company
  • How the incoming code is catalogued so others know it is being used
  • How a company can grow a community of like-minded external developers around it to keep it thriving
  • Rules that help determine when code should be released as open source or kept as intellectual property

The Policy

It can take a long time to get policy approved - you need people on-side to help build this from the policy team (expand). (1 year as an example)