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Contributing Your Own Open Source Project


  • making the business case for this.

Lifecycle (from FINOS, Apache)

  • Inception
  • Incubation
  • Active Use
  • Archiving
  • Trademark searches for new products
  • Using the company logo

Some details on how to take an internal project within a financial organisation and make it publically available, a la Legend, Waltz etc.


  • shutting down projects.

  • whether to contribute the project to a foundation

Main responsibilities of being an OSS maintainer (lots of pre-existing materials on the internet - refer to these)

  • choosing maintainers

  • teams tbd

  • project governance, contributing to.

  • making sure you have points of contact and clear ownership of OSS projects.

  • commerical support for the OSS projects within the organisation

  • Publically supporting your OSS - are the logos on the websites (in both directions)


GitHub Readme Landing Pages Community Events Obligation Fulfilment? (ask Thomas)

OPen Source Principles of the Organisation company logo

  • External website

  • Policy for speaking externally

  • Social Media (inc. github)

  • what licenses to use (chamindra).